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I want him to be able to be part of most social circles. The best thing I learned from my folks was a sense of self.

Most grand parents in the US are left out, and then put into homes for someone else to care about.

It is sweet that your family wants you to be about of that childs life intricatly. Never seen those designs yet, but Darleen used to do stained glass and now does beads had mentioned that as well. They are priced at £200 upwards, the most expensive being about £2,000 I think.

I am ever so grateful we managed to find a real good school for ours, a bit old fashioned about manners and what they teach, and young in methods and such.

There is a serious problem with how we educate the young here in USA.

Until I started cooking for my Mother's catering co.

how rude it was to assume that the very rich and thought out dish in front of you tasted, before you seasoned it, was an insult to the cook, host and yourself.

Learn: To be confident to thread your machine, wind the bobbin, insert the bobbin correctly, change the feet, move forwards and backwards, set the tension or learn how to use the embroidery stitches.

This workshop is aimed at machines with approximately 20 built in stitches, not computerised embroidery machines*.

If they aren't posted at Babbler's Anon in the first 30 minutes, it means they'll be there about 6-8 hours later.


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