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Angel shines as a medium and gives great comfort and support to all of her customers; especially those that have lost loved ones.In each reading Anthony uses all of his spiritual gifts to tune into your romantic relationships and soul-mate connections as well as issues involving family, pets, prosperity and careers.I meditate for a short time to clear my mind of all earthly thoughts before starting to do readings, this allows my guides to draw very close and inspire me with message and words of wisdom.

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Spirit and the paranormal have been around him from the age of six years old.

He comes from five generations of Romany mediums and psychics; his guides give him energy on his spiritual journey.

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As she got older Dayity went to see a medium, as their visits became more frequent their relationship changed to become that of a mentor and mentee.

She believes that the greatest gift a medium can offer their clients is the contentment of knowing their loved ones are at peace.

Dayity has always been aware of her gift, even as a child.

She would see things that she didn’t really understand and being unable to talk to her friends or family meant she had to keep it to herself.

Alongside his medium abilities, Harry uses clairaudience and clairsentient abilities to answer your questions.

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