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The Spunkie told Fi she could save her brother from his control by speaking his one true name, which was only seven letters.

In the first two seasons, the series centered on teenage girl Fiona Phillips (Cara De Lizia) who toured with her rock-star mom (Mackenzie Phillips), while encountering paranormal activity along the way.

The series was compared to the Fox TV series The X-Files since it took a darker tone than any other Disney Channel show at the time.

He is a multi talented actor who worked as an actor in different genres.

Erik Thomas Von Detten proved himself to be a superb TV and film actor.

The American Actor, Erik Von Detten was born in San Diego, California on 3rd October, 1983. His father is from Munich, Germany and mother is from English- Russian Jewish Ancestry.

This mixture of genes gives the Von Detten an inspiring and distinguished look.

The series was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

One of the first Disney Channel Original Series to be shot in 16:9.

Fi first "encountered" her father in the second episode titled "Web Sight" where an unknown force sent her internet articles warning her of the future.

From alien invasions, time warps, and ghosts, Fi faced 13 episodes worth of paranormal activity.

Erik considers this series to be very important for grooming his acting talent.

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