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Boxing, or any form of fighting, is life broken down into 3-minute rounds.

Yet, both walked through bigger opponents like few others – no matter their size – have. When you look at the majority of fighters in boxing, you’ll notice that the many of them are ‘top-heavy’.

Their training focuses on their upper body; the muscles directly involved in throwing punches and defending against them.

Admittedly scared when he walked into the ring, Tyson faced his fears by acting.

We’ve all heard the term “act as if”, well Mike Tyson embodied that, especially early on in his career.

In a fight, there are moments where you question if you have ‘it’, where you finding a way out, an easier path than the one you have chosen.

Just like pain, suffering, and failure help us become better fighters, they also help us develop character and become better people.

Imagine strapping on a VR gadget and be able to feel your partner and smell their perfume, even if you’re thousands of miles apart – that’s quite something. The possibilities are endless with VR, and it’s bound to ease the struggles long-distance couples go through.

Today, VR dating lets long-distance couples create virtual dates in exotic locations and situations. In her article, Samantha Rhodes of CNET wrote about her own VR dating experience, where she sat with a few other daters in a satellite floating above the earth.

Adversity is a part of fighting, and a part of life.

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