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Rack 'Em Up: I happen to have TWO (legal, legitimate, of course) copies of ZFX's South of the Border 4: Atrocities. Thanks I enjoyed the entire Maleficarum movie and my mind it's a must buy/see.

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Ulike Scribbler, I believe that those type of BDSM where lots rope tying, vibrator and machine forced orgasms and light whipping are portrayed are a sign of our time.

The actual pain, gore and suffering are not tolerated...looked at the use of our current death penalty practices as an example.

Had this been a home invasion and Jane been the victimized housewife, I would have slept in front of the store over the weekend in order to be first.

That said, for me Jane's beauty trumps that imperfection hands down.

I am from Canada and I purchased the download on the 30th Oct.

I am most definitely not able to purchase a DVD because our Customs People will never let this type of movie in Canada through the mail system.

OK, for me it's the apparent content, and if it wasn't that, then price.

I certainly hope it's a great movie for people interested in what the promo pics and trailers depict: old time era witch persecution and cruel things like BATS that happen to them.

I read some days ago a comment about Canada and Belgium ("we can't have it in Canada but even in Belgium they can buy it" or something like that).

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